Your biggest obstacle to success is this…

The people you surround yourself with.

Your circle matters.

Motivation comes and goes, and doing the right things to optimize your health can sometimes feel like an uphill battle.

Social outings, hectic schedules, built up stress—these are factors that we all deal with on a regular basis and can make it difficult for us to eat the right things, get to the gym, get to bed early, or work on any of those other habits that we need to work on.

One thing you can do that’s in your control to make a healthy lifestyle feel easier is to carefully audit the people you surround yourself with.

If everyone you spend time with eats the foods you’re trying to avoid, stays up late, and doesn’t exercise, it will naturally make it more difficult for you to make those changes.

Who you choose to surround yourself with matters more than you may realize.

One Thing To Try This Week

Write down the names of the people in your life that you find most inspirational when it comes to fitness, nutrition, and health.

Now, make a concerted effort to spend more time with those people. Go for a walk with them, join them for a workout, or spark a conversation about their favorite go-to meals.

Auditing your circle doesn’t mean you have to cut people out. It could just mean spending more time with the people that will make you better.

And, if you feel like that list of inspiring fitness friends is too short, come join our gym community.  You’ll have a LONG list of supportive friends in your circle in no time!