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    Why Cosmic Fitness?

    At Cosmic, our Group Fitness classes go above and beyond to help you find success. Instead of creating a cookie-cutter program and then leaving you to it, our system is designed to offer individualized instruction for every person who walks through our doors. We set you up with targeted fitness training, comprehensive nutrition coaching, and complete accountability every step of the way.

    We’re helping people all across Pearland and surrounding cities reach fitness goals that they never thought were possible without spending hours doing cardio and sacrificing all the foods they love. We’re showing people how to have balance in health and fitness.

    What do people say about us?

    • I joined about a month ago and attend three days a week. I really appreciate the flexible classes and every instructor is wonderful. The facility is clean, the other members are helpful and the staff is so welcoming. I love that there are modifications to the different exercises – it’s less intimating than trying to keep up with a standard gym’s classes. And, my results in a month far exceed what I’ve had at other group classes. I’m glad I took a leap of faith and finally tried CrossFit. Thank you to everyone -staff and members- for the ongoing support and inclusive environment. It keeps me motivated!

      Carmen Roe
    • Im on day 2 of my 7 day free trial and just the fact that I came back for day 2 is a very big deal for me. Sharon, my coach, trainer is amazingly patient and supportive as well as encouraging. She modifies the workouts to accommodate my personal issues. No pressure to keep up with the others.
      I highly recommend Cosmic Cross fit! Especially to seniors! Yes I’m a 69 going on 60 strong 💪🏽 😅

      Marcy Walls
    • 100% recommended. Y’all have to try this place,I tried and now I love it! I love all the workouts!
      All the staff is excellent and helpful.
      Everybody is super friendly🤍

      Mbel Montiel
    • Great atmosphere and competitive spirit. Top-of-the-line Coaches keep the classes moving towards achieving individual goals in a safe, fun and energetic manner.

      Scott Eberhardt

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