What to do the week leading up to your CrossFit competition

Competing in a CrossFit competition is super exciting but also nerve wracking. If you have never competed before, it’s hard to imagine what you should be doing the week before to prepare. Do you workout all week? Do you take a couple days off? Do you try to max out to see what you can do in the comp? We will answer these questions below and give you some tips/suggestions on what we think is the best way to prepare.

  1. Continue to workout the week leading up to your competition.
    1. Monday – Thursday
  2. Take a rest day on Friday (or the day before your competition)
    1. You don’t want to be sore or have a silly injury (ripped hands) before your comp
  3. Do NOT max out before your comp
    1. You don’t want to injure yourself
    1. Go about 75% on lifts
  4. Do a practice run of the workout(s) (with your partner if you’re competing with someone)
    1. Gives yourself an idea of what to expect but don’t go ALL out
  5. Make a plan for rep scheme/breaks
    1. Look at the workouts and try to plan how many reps you’d like to accomplish before a break
    1. You and your partner should do the movements that you are better at
      1. My partner is better at double unders – they will do the DU
      1. I’m better at front squats – I will do the front squats
  6. Follow your healthy diet all week
    1. You don’t want to feel sluggish going into your comp
  7. Get a good night’s rest on Thursday
    1. You’ll be nervous Friday so you might not sleep well. Take advantage on Thursday night and get as much sleep as you can.
  8. Go into the competition with a positive attitude
    1. Think positive thoughts and have fun with it
    1. Don’t get frustrated if things don’t go as planned – roll with the punches
  9. Get to the competition early for registration
    1. You want to make sure you get there on time and beat the last minute rush
    1. Set up an area to lounge with your community during down time

This is such an exciting time for you. Enjoy your community, work hard, be kind to yourself, and have FUN! If you have any questions, reach out. We would love to help you prepare for your first competition!