The BEST workouts for weight loss revealed 👀

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What’s the best way to workout for weight loss?

This is something i get asked ALOT and the answer is simple – CONSISTENCY!

Consistency drives results!! 

So finding ways that work FOR YOU to be consistent is important. 

➡I have 3 tips for you to stay consistent: 

1. Firstly ask yourself what do you ENJOY. 

Do you prefer class based workouts? Do you like the gym? Do you prefer being outdoors? 

What you ENJOY is key to developing a habit around it, there is zero point trying to do something you hate or find boring as there is no way you will be able to maintain that longterm and CONSISTENCY longterm is what drives results 

2. What is YOUR goal?

If it is to solely lose weight then you can really do ANY kind of exercise as nutrition will be the main driver of weight loss, exercise helps but if your ONLY goal is weight loss then ANY kind of exercise on a CONSISTENT basis will help IF your nutrition is on point 

If you want to tone up/build some lean muscle in that process then having some form of weight/resistance training will be key to adding that. This could be standard weight training in a gym or bodyweight training depending on your access to equipment. You will still see results with bodyweight workouts if they are structured correctly but you will see quiver results if you add some form of resistance, ie bands, dumbbells etc. 

3. What is YOUR time schedule like?

This will drive what your training structure should look like. GENERAL rule of thumb. If you have 3 or less days to workout then I would focus on full body sessions. 

HIIT style sessions typically give you more bang for your buck when you’re in a time crunch.  And then make sure you’re walking daily and increasing your N.E.A.T. (daily activity outside of the gym).

Remember – the saying “You cannot outtrain a bad diet” is 100% true 

If your nutrition is not on point then unfortunately you will never see effective results from all those workouts. 

If you feel you are already exercising a lot and are not seeing results then this would be a BIG sign your nutrition is off. Yes a lack of structure within your workouts can limit results but not to the point you wont see any results. So LOOK AT YOUR NUTRITION 

If you’d like some more information on which workouts and nutrition program are right for you, click the link below to schedule a free consultation with me

Coach Krista