Ten Minute Fitness: 5 Reasons Why Sprints are Great

Next time you make an excuse about lack of time or access to equipment, think again. Sprints help with weight loss, building muscle, improving your health, and as a result promotes healthy living.

Did you know that sprinting boosts your metabolism and can regulate your fat burning hormones, giving you the abs you’ve been dreaming of? Sprinting is not an easy exercise and requires a lot of strength and dedication, but the excellent results it leads to can provide the best motivation.

The benefits of sprinting are endless. It is an excellent cardiovascular exercise, it increases your stamina, burns lot of calories in a short time and moreover, it gives a boost to your metabolism so even when your workout is over, it keeps on burning calories, says Mr Bhadri who leads a fitness group – Dare To Gear.

5 Reasons You Should Do Sprints

1 Hour Of High Intensity Cardio = 10 Sprints For 15 Minutes.

Why sweat extra when you can achieve the same results in a shorter period of time. Sprints give you quick bursts of movements thereby helping you lose weight effectively. They are just as, if not more effective, than jogging for an hour. If you are crunched for time then going for sprints is the best workout decision you can ever take. It maximizes your workout in half the time!

Sprinting Makes Muscle.

As sprinting is an anaerobic exercise, it helps in build muscles in the same way that weight training does. However, while weight training you focus on one body part at a time. Sprinting, on the other hand, uses dozens of muscles at the same time, making it one of the most complete muscle training exercises available.

There are studies that show sprinting can enhance protein synthesis pathways which helps in breaking down protein by as much as 230 percent. With the right nutrition and recovery, sprinting can actually promote muscle building, allowing your body to become leaner.

Sprinting Boosts the Metabolism. You continue to burn calories long after the sprints are over.

There is no doubt that sprinting helps in burning a lot of calories in a short span of time. But, what’s great is that one loses weight even when the workout is over. If you are wondering how, the answer is simple. When you sprint, you kick-start your metabolism that allows you to burn more calories even when you stop sprinting. This fact is also backed by a study done by Professor James Timmons from the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh which reports that sprinting can actually boost the body’s metabolism sharply.

Sprinting Improves your Heart Health

Sprinting is not just about weight loss, but also comes with cardiovascular benefits. It can help lower your blood pressure. The fast-twitch muscles (type II muscles) that you are building while you sprint helps in improving your heart function. When you do sprints, you put all your effort on your muscles making your heart pump harder, thus improving overall blood circulation. As a result, your heart is healthy and strengthens up which reduces your chances of heart disease.

Sprinting Increases HGH Production

The other exciting benefit of sprints is its ability to naturally increase the production of human growth hormone (HGH) in your body, which also plays a significant role in weight loss and also slows down the aging process by enhancing the tissue growth in your body.

So what are you waiting for? Get out and do some sprints today. 💪