Stuck in a Rut?

Our daily routines, our comfort zones, have completely changed since COVID-19 has reared its ugly face. It doesn’t matter what you did previously – healthcare worker, teacher, grocery store manager, fast food employee, etc., your “normal” has been flipped upside down. With so much uncertainty, it can create behaviors that we aren’t exactly thrilled with. This can cause many people to fall into a rut.

Once you are in a rut, it’s difficult to get out. Activities that used to be enjoyable don’t strike your fancy anymore or you feel like you don’t have time, it’s not safe, or it’s just not fun. This is when self-care comes into play. Mind over matter. The true challenge is changing your mindset from negative thoughts to positive. You literally have to take one step at a time and that first step will be the hardest.

The first step might be a call to a friend, going for a walk, scheduling your gym time, riding your bike, or simply listening to music and dancing. Once you make that first move, you are creating a beautiful path to get yourself out of that nasty rut. Don’t get me wrong, there may be some bumps and road blocks in the way, but acknowledging the problems and utilizing the tools you have to stay positive, you’ll be able to keep on trucking towards your end goal.

So… if you are stuck in a rut, make a plan to get out. Make that call or dance crazy in your living room. If you need extra help, message us! We would love to help your move forward towards your goals. Our community is a phenomenal way to keep you on track!