Perhaps the easiest way to improve your health?

DO YOU TRACK YOUR STEPS? Do you take casual, slow to moderate paced walks daily?

If you workout regularly, why is walking even going to matter?

Maybe you already did CrossFit, HIIT, Strength Training, Bootcamp, today, so you”ve burned enough calories right?

Let me tell you WHY I think walking is so important! (And I mean walking, not running). 😉

If you’re NOT currently working out, walking is a great place to start.

If you ARE a regular gym go-er, these reasons are for you:

▶Benefits your Brain. Walking boosts blood flow to the brain, decreases stress, improves mood, can lower depression

▶ Blood. Walking can help reduce insulin resistance, keeping blood sugar levels balanced

▶Digestion. A post-meal walk can help move food through your digestive system, reducing bloating and digestive issues

▶Joints. Movement increases circulation around joints and can help speed up post workout recovery, lessening soreness levels.

❓How many steps are you getting each day❓

Comment below with your answer.  I’d love to know.