How to best recover on rest days

After completing multiple workouts, it is important to give your body a recovery day. Recovery can look different for each individual person and that’s okay. We have listed some suggestions below on what you can do to make the best of your non-training day.

Foam Roll

Foam rolling can be done before and after your workouts, but it is especially good on a rest day. This will help your body if you are feeling, tight, sore, and if you have any inflammation. You can foam roll almost anywhere that is sore/tight on your body (lower back, thighs, calves, etc.). This is a great tool that you should incorporate into your daily routines.


Again, you should stretch before and after your workouts, as well as, on your recovery days. It’s very important you stretch out your body, even when you are not sore. This also helps with mobility. Luckily, at Cosmic, we will teach you several great stretches for the entire body. Practice stretching daily!


It may seem silly, but sleep is a huge factor in recovery. Sleep is vital for your muscles and can actually improve your strength. It is ideal to get 8 hours of sleep each night. We know people have busy schedules so getting 8 hours isn’t always feasible, but definitely try to get more sleep. Who doesn’t enjoy a good night’s rest?

Epsom Salt Bath

A nice hot Epsom salt bath has many great benefits, especially for sore muscles. Whenever your body is aching, feeling tight, or sore, a hot bath with Epsom salt can reduce each symptom. A bonus is that it is also great for your skin, which can become pretty tough from lifting weights. It would also be beneficial to take your bath before bed, as it is very relaxing and could help support a restful sleep.


Water intake is also a crucial part for recovery. Water can help speed up your recovery and in the process, it helps repair your muscles. We cannot say it enough, staying hydrated is extremely important (for rest and non-rest days). If you are not hydrated, you will not preform nor recover as well. Try to set a goal of reaching half a gallon to a full gallon each day. Be prepared to go to the restroom often. 😉


Stick to your healthy diet! If you get off track on your recovery day, you will feel it, especially when you get back into the gym. You want to fuel your body with the appropriate nutrients. We suggest getting in a good amount of protein, some carbs, a little fat, and a lot of veggies. Definitely pay attention to your body and the way it feels when you eat certain foods. If you start to notice some foods don’t play nice, avoid those and stick to the foods that make you feel great!

What recovery tool works best for you? Do you have any recovery tips that aren’t mentioned above? Share your knowledge and own experience with us below.